RPL Professional Field Kit


RPL Professional Series Field Kit


This is the RPL Professional Series Field Kit. Our Professional Series Field Kits are based on the sponsors for each event. So the markers, masks, bunkers, etc are all themed to the specific tournament series you are selecting. This kit will support 2, 125X150 fields with netting, turf, complete pole system, and enough rentals to run 10 on 10 for each field with backup markers. This is a compressed air based system and it does include our Alpha Package 3 Fully Automated System. Prefer a NPPL or PSP series kit? No problem!

The marker featured in this package is the Planet Eclipse Etha Marker. The Eclipse Etha is a radical departure from anything seen before in an Eclipse marker. For the first time we utilize a spring return bolt system in the firing mechanism, allowing us to simplify the pneumatic side of the marker and use a Pull Poppet spool to release air from the firing chamber. The Etha bolt features dual-stage acceleration so that it picks up the paintball at a lower speed before accelerating further to push the ball fully into the barrel. Also adjusted for this kit is the Sly Profit Mask. Exceeding all the demands of the modern competitive player, the PROFIT goggle combines an optically perfect thermal gradient lens with the most comfortable frame and mask ever developed.

Don't want the Eclipse Etha? Rather have a BT, Tippmann, or even an Ego? No problem. We can custom make any field package to your specifications. Just contact us and we will take care of it!

This Package Includes:

45x - Eclipse Etha Marker with Hopper (need a different marker, just ask)

45x - Sly Profit No Fog Mask

45x - 47ci 3000psi Compressed Air Tanks

45x - Parts Kits - Squeegees - Barrel Sleeve

1x - Full Pallet (120 Cases) Valken Redemption Pro

1x - Alpha Compressor Package 3 - 11 SCFM

200x - Standard O-Rings

2x - C02 Professional Fill Station & Scale

2x - Table Top Chronograph

4x - Handheld Chronograph

4x - 12X300 Alpha Professional Tape & Grommeted Netting

2x - Sup Air RPL Series Bunker Kit (44 Bunkers Per Kit)

2x - Sup Air RPL Series Upgrade Kit (4 Bunkers Per Kit)

2x - Alpha Pole System (24 Sections Per System)

2x - Sets Alpha Premium Paintball Turf Short (18,750 sq ft per set)

Just give us a call to custom tailor this package for your business.

Why choose Alpha Sports Inc. for your field kit selections?
We have over 15 years experience of actual paintball field knowledge. We have consulted thousands of fields all over the USA alone. We can offer you hands on experience with all the products we sell and advise you one what will be the best fit for your business. All of our field kits you see list on our website are popular picks from our customers, however 90% of the field packages we sell are custom tailored to each individual field. For personal business consulting see our Alpha Business Consulting page

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